Livin’ the Dream Week 2 – Pebble Bank Portland

You Can’t Read That in a Book; Storms, a Sunken Road and a COLOSSAL Sense of Humour Failure…

The best seat in the house for Trailer Trash – an uninterrupted view of Chesil Beach and The Fleet!

Trying is the first step towards failure – Homer Simpson

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30s Site Review & Top Things to Do – Pebble Bank, Portland

Campsite Details

  • Pebble Bank Caravan Park is located approximately 2 miles from Weymouth town centre and its Blue Flag beach.
  • The campsite is set in countryside with sweeping views over Chesil Beach and Fleet Lagoon (see below for information about these.)
  • There is LOADS to do – just check out Visit Dorset, the Dorset Tourist Information site.
  • Since we have been visiting Portland with windsurfers strapped to our roof for many years, we have selected a few unusual attractions and our absolute favourites to share with you.
Sunset on the Jurassic Coast – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

For the Canine Crew

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Livin’ the Dream Week 1 – Hare Farm, Twyford

Fox Poo, Ticks and Goose Eggs; a Caravan Manoeuvering Course – and a Near Death Experience!

P1030309 (2)
Our new life on wheels. At Hare Farm, we eventually found what we’d been looking for. PEACE!

D Day (Departure Day) minus 1                                 5th June

Packing up your entire life takes longer than you think. My hot tip here is to keep the pressure off yourself by NOT diverting from the main event by needing to post all the items you sold on eBay the night before you move permanently from a house into a caravan.

Kai helped our efforts tremendously by starting to eat our environmentally friendly packing chips. So besides trying to clean the house, get all remaining worldly goods to fit in the van and frenetically packaging oddly-shaped parcels at 10pm (how do you pack up a golf club for posting?), we were also soaking half-dissolved corn chips out of Kai’s whiskers.

D Day; A Near Death Experience                               6th June

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The Knowledge – Toilet Training

Toilet Training (1).jpg
A measure of something’s significance could be the number of words in the language to describe it. And we Brits DO have a lot of words for Toilet…

A measure of something’s significance within a culture could be the number of words  in the language to describe it.  It is a myth that the Inuit have over 100 words for snow, but we Brits do have rather a lot of words for Toilet. Let’s face it, in Britain, we get joy from a John, take pride in our Privies and we just LOVE the Lavvie!

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