Krk Here, Star Date 11709.1, Island of Krk, Croatia

Kismet, just feet from the Adriatic on the Island of Krk, Croatia

We left Slovenia in a thunderstorm and fled to Croatia, seeking sunshine.

P1080184 Welcome to Croatia (2)
We speculated as to whether Croatia was pretty… Hard to tell through the rain!

As we entered Republika Hrvatska, we speculated as to whether Croatia was pretty. It was hard to tell. The weather hid the scenery most effectively, but if we want to while away a rainy day with some cheap dental work, the endless billboards suggested that we had definitely come to the right place! There was a huge tailback at the border, queueing to come back into Slovenia and head home to Italy, Germany and Holland. It looked like the Croatian holiday-and-dental-repair season had finished early.

We ended up on the island of Krk. “Slovenia was the land of the lonely vowels, but this is the first place we have stayed with NO vowels!” I ventured. “What about the Ty Gwyn?” Mark replied. It is a lovely pub/hotel in Betws y Coed, Wales. We didn’t stay there and it is not a place name, but I had to concur that it lacked vowels.

The Croatian coastline driving down to Krk was hideously commercial – boring, high rise hotels bordered a huge scar, which seared through the rock to create the coastal highway. We were a bit worried. There was at least a 10-mile traffic jam leaving the island of Krk – August was over; the madness subsiding. Although not quite! I checked into Premium Camping Resort Krk and they had only two nights available! They were fully booked the following week – such a shame, as we got a premium spot looking out over the bay with the little town of Krk in the distance.

Our view from the caravan once the sun came out – the town of Krk in the distance.

The Germans next door helped us to position the caravan after we evicted the Dutch! It was all very good-natured. The Dutch apologised profusely and moved to their correct pitch next door! We amassed quite an audience. I don’t think anyone believed that we could be able to get Kismet’s 7.3 meter majesty on to the small pitch with no manoeuvering room! “You have a motor mover, right?” “Er… no.” We reversed over the kerb then did the rest by hand. It was disappointingly uneventful for our audience! We are not disenchanted with our view, which is straight over the ocean with the sound of waves on the shore just feet from our windows. It has got to be the best pitch we have ever had!

The Pawsome Foursome are not too disenchanted with our view over the Adriatic. “Can we go swimming, Mum?!”

We took the dogs for a walk in the woods next to the campsite. The pine forest smelled almost floral; a subtle scent of lilies. The sun came out and started shimmering off the Adriatic, turning it from an unappealing grey to a most inviting turquoise and blue. Our eyes averted from the ocean at the naturist beach, however!

We struck up a conversation with a windsurfer, Alex, who had come in for a rest after struggling around the bay in light wind, which had then suddenly dropped to nothing. I have to say that after three months, the smell of wet neoprene which exuded from Alex really excited me! There is 25kts NE forecast tomorrow. It looked like we might get out. Alex said that he would come with us; we agreed to meet after breakfast.

We got out the SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) after taking the pups for a game of ball on the dog beach. Launching two, large paddle boards and four dogs off a set of algae-covered steps in a swell, while trying not to step on sea urchins went as well as could be expected. We landed back on a swimming beach (no dogs allowed!) deeming the risk of admonishment from all the people who had taken photos of the pups on SUPs in their brightly coloured life-jackets to be much lower than running the gauntlet of the slippery steps and sea urchins as a take out!

The sounds of the evening drifted over us with the scent of the forest next door. The gentle waves of the Adriatic lapping softly against the rocks covered a faint background of terrible resort entertainment. We concurred that it was a band, not karaoke, although it was almost that bad. The mangled strains of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and “You Gotta Have Face” (that’s how they pronounced it!) reached us through the soft night.

We closed the roof lights.


Krk Out. 

The charming town of Krk.

Premium Camping Resort Krk had dog walking straight from site. It was large, clean and well organised. I couldn’t say a bad thing about it, except that large and commercial is not really our cup of tea. The pitch, overlooking the Adriatic, was spectacular! 

Join us next time for ‘Krk to Enterprise‘ – and a bit of naughty, naked nudity! 

The Star Dates in the voice-overs at the beginning of Star Trek; “Captain’s Log, Star Date 41153.6” are arbitrary. Different dates were chosen by different writers with no particular system. The use of Star Dates was intended to mask when Star Trek actually took place, so in that respect, it works masterfully!

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