Pups in POW!

We awoke to a very different Monday morning. We were up with the larks at,er, 11:30! After our journey of 1000 miles, we both felt like we had been bulldozed. It was a beautiful bluebird day but neither of us felt anything like skiing. With no new snow for some time, the conditions were quiteContinue reading “Pups in POW!”

Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa prides itself on being Dog Friendly. That said, we could find NO information whatsoever on how and where to walk dogs before we arrived in the ski area. Of course, once we arrived, we sussed it out ourselves and it was actually very straightforward! Here are my Top Tips on winter walking. RouteContinue reading “Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa”

The Italian Job – Pups on Piste; Monte Rosa

“You don’t look old enough to have given up work!” 9th January – 18 years ago I stared across a crowded room and saw a tall, handsome man leaning against a bar. Little did I think that within 37 days, we’d be engaged, after 37 weeks, married – and 18 years later feeling completely atContinue reading “The Italian Job – Pups on Piste; Monte Rosa”

Winterised World Wide Walkies – 10 Tips to Keep Chilly Canines Cosy!

It’s that time of year again. The wrong kind of snow has brought the country to a halt. But with the UK’s weather turning Baltic and the infrastructure buckling due to literally centimetres of snow, now is a good time to share some tips on Winterising your World Wide Walkies! Our precious pups came skiingContinue reading “Winterised World Wide Walkies – 10 Tips to Keep Chilly Canines Cosy!”