Tuesday – Tines!

Gorgeous Gorges, The Marmite Mystification, plus Zen and the Art of Caravan Conservation After our 6 hour and 1,474m epic up Marvel in Morillon on Monday, we felt beautifully beaten up – tired, but happy and in need of a good stretch…! Since it was another dazzling day of full sun, we made plans. IContinue reading “Tuesday – Tines!”

Monday – Marvel, Morillon, Mutts & Mountains!

We parked at Morillon 1100 (also known as Les Esserts) and walked up one of my favourite pistes, the green run ‘Marvel’, which winds around the side of the mountain, affording spectacular views. It was a beautiful sunny day and delightful that much of the walk was in the shade. We met only people descending.Continue reading “Monday – Marvel, Morillon, Mutts & Mountains!”

The End of the Line – Sixt Fer-à-Cheval

Flash floods, Unlucky Jim, Killer Sheepdogs – & The Kamikaze Chemi Khazi! 19th August – We are beneath a bowl of mighty peaks, so close to Switzerland that we could yodel over Les Dents Blanches to order a cuckoo clock, an army knife and some smooooth milk chocolate. The views are amazing; rocky peaks, patched byContinue reading “The End of the Line – Sixt Fer-à-Cheval”

En Route Again – Challes les Eaux

Vulcanicity, the Debut Ding, Avoiding the Pains of Aix – plus Perceptions of Proper Peaks! “12-Across. What is the highest point in England (8,4)?” Our last morning in Digoin, we chatted to an American chap over a coffee as he wrestled with his crossword. “Scafell Pike (7,4)” we replied. So it appears that both we andContinue reading “En Route Again – Challes les Eaux”