Towing the Gorges du Verdon – Our Most Challenging Drive… Ever!

“The Transfăgărășan was nothing compared to this!” Mark was referring to the day we joined the Mile High Club. With Caravan Kismet in tow, you understand. We crossed the Carpathian mountains in Romania on one of the world’s most dangerous roads. Kismet has conquered a number of mountain passes (see the Dangerous Roads section ofContinue reading “Towing the Gorges du Verdon – Our Most Challenging Drive… Ever!”

Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy

Founded in 1,000AD, Saluzzo is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Italian region of Piedmont. It occupies a striking hill top position, with the imposing, pyramidal peak of Monviso, ‘The Stone King’ as a backdrop. Saluzzo takes its name from the Salluvii, one of the tribes who first settled in the area whileContinue reading “Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy”

Leaving Lockdown – A Bit of a Scrape

If we get there, it will be third time lucky. Twice before, Mark and I have planned to go to Spain. The first time, temperatures soared above 50°C. People were dying from the heat, so we turned left and went to Romania. Then, last September, two days before our ferry, a tenant gave notice, whichContinue reading “Leaving Lockdown – A Bit of a Scrape”

Lockdown Life – Into thin Air: Hiking the Valle di Salza

“The Valle dei Principi (the Valley of the Princes) or the Loo Valley are both really beautiful,” Ezio from the ski shop Ambaradanspitz in Staffal told us. He pronounced it ‘the Low Valley’, but, since I am childishly drawn to places with slightly rude names, Loo had already been on my radar for a while.Continue reading “Lockdown Life – Into thin Air: Hiking the Valle di Salza”