Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!

Last Wednesday, it was Britain’s hottest day since the heatwave of 1976. At 06:30, as we departed for the ferry, it rained. A lot. On the ferry it rained. A lot. And en route, a lot. We seemed to have exported British rain to Brittany, but at least it’s rain with roulade rather than rosbiff!Continue reading “Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!”

And in Conclusion…

Brrrrr! We had frost on our awning today, but we were cuddly-cosy in the caravan! The coldest November day for 6 years, apparently. We are reflective as our first year of unexpected adventures draws to a close and we head towards Christmas at Hunter’s Moon Caravan Club Site, Wareham. And in conclusion – it isContinue reading “And in Conclusion…”

The Knowledge – The Perils of Proximity

Love is an act of endless forgiveness; a tender look which becomes a habit.” – Peter Ustinov Many years ago, a boyfriend and I formulated an escape plan that involved a boat. He held a Yachtmaster’s certificate and had crewed on boats around the world. I had drunk gin and been ‘rail meat’ on aContinue reading “The Knowledge – The Perils of Proximity”