Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!) had special significance for us this year. It was the day that the coronavirus lockdown in Italy was relaxed to the extent that we are allowed to go Out-Out. As in Out Properly. On a jaunt. We can now walk and exercise outside and drive togetherContinue reading “Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!”

Dogs in Barolo Wine Museum & A Template for a Long Lost Tattoo

“How does Mark decide on designs for his tattoos?” Another question that we’re often asked. All of his tattoos have significance, but as with, “How do you decide where to go on your travels?” – it is a question with an equally convoluted answer.

A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, Italy

Lovin’ the Langhe – Land of Wine, Hazlenuts & Truffles “How do you plan where to go on your trips?” A good question. It is one that we’re often asked, although, the answer is not straightforward.

Barolo or Bust – Camping Sole Langhe, Vergne, Italy

A Lesson about Leccy & A Trauma in the Terroir At 9pm, the gods turned a fire hose on us. The furious winds that had battered caravan Kismet all day gave way to torrential, hammering rain. The ferocity of the wind vindicated our decision to stay an extra day in Les Arbrets and avoid towing.Continue reading “Barolo or Bust – Camping Sole Langhe, Vergne, Italy”