10 Tips on Reverse Polarity & Issues of Electrical Safety in a Caravan.

“Electricity is really just organised lightning.” George Carlin And that is why you need to be rather respectful of it. Especially in a caravan! So as a responsible caravan owner, what are the main points of which you should be aware?

Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier

Moulins, Malodorous Mongrels & Mission Mussel! Saturday – We had planned to visit the town of Noirmoutier, but as I walked the dogs on the beach, there was an emergency. A chap and his son were just launching their windsurfers. The son was a beginner, but the chap planed into the distance on his firstContinue reading “Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier”

Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier

              In Search of The World’s Most Expensive Potato, The Longest Submersible Road in Europe & The Perfect Storm. 14th September – We wondered if we had made a mistake leaving Oléron. As we departed the Charente Maritime for the Vendée, we drove through a featureless coastal plain toContinue reading “Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier”

Happy with our Lot at the River Café

Barjac, Lozère (South Central France) – “The corner of S.W. France that the British haven’t discovered.” 1st September. In over 50 years, I have succeeded in doing it only a handful of times. Since I was a little girl, I have tried to make “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” the very first thing that I say onContinue reading “Happy with our Lot at the River Café”