Beacon 6 & Black Magic in Brittany – And All Because the Lady Loves… Poole to Penthièvre, France

6am and our ferry ‘Barfleur’ slid across a Poole harbour so smooth that it seemed almost solid. The water glistened like a jewelled mirror, just as it had on so many wonderful days when we had flown across its surface on our windsurfers. Poole Harbour is a very special place. The light is exquisite andContinue reading “Beacon 6 & Black Magic in Brittany – And All Because the Lady Loves… Poole to Penthièvre, France”

Break for the Border – NE France; Sézanne to Vilsberg

If you want to experience adrenaline; drive a large caravan around Paris. To increase the thrill still further; be a passenger in the tow vehicle!

St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill It was a long-ish drive from Noirmoutier to St Coulomb, near St Malo – the last stop of our French Odyessy. It appears that we have been getting a bit cocky with our caravan skills and it was time forContinue reading “St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!”

Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier

              In Search of The World’s Most Expensive Potato, The Longest Submersible Road in Europe & The Perfect Storm. 14th September – We wondered if we had made a mistake leaving Oléron. As we departed the Charente Maritime for the Vendée, we drove through a featureless coastal plain toContinue reading “Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier”