Paradise Found! Camping La Chassagne, Auvergne, France

I tend to fill the kettle and leave it on the hob the night before. In the compact living space of the caravan, this means that all I need to do is lean out of bed to reach the knob to switch it on for my morning coffee! The occupants of the tent next doorContinue reading “Paradise Found! Camping La Chassagne, Auvergne, France”

Break for the Border – NE France; Sézanne to Vilsberg

If you want to experience adrenaline; drive a large caravan around Paris. To increase the thrill still further; be a passenger in the tow vehicle!

Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!

Last Wednesday, it was Britain’s hottest day since the heatwave of 1976. At 06:30, as we departed for the ferry, it rained. A lot. On the ferry it rained. A lot. And en route, a lot. We seemed to have exported British rain to Brittany, but at least it’s rain with roulade rather than rosbiff!Continue reading “Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!”

En Route Again – Challes les Eaux

Vulcanicity, the Debut Ding, Avoiding the Pains of Aix – plus Perceptions of Proper Peaks! “12-Across. What is the highest point in England (8,4)?” Our last morning in Digoin, we chatted to an American chap over a coffee as he wrestled with his crossword. “Scafell Pike (7,4)” we replied. So it appears that both we andContinue reading “En Route Again – Challes les Eaux”